Installing Alpine linux

The Standard version

Cause I don't think anything more is needed.

BIOS Settings

Check if you have optimized settings for Windows that you can disable, depends on the motherboard.
If you are using a laptop you'll probably have to stick with UEFI.

Make a USB Flash Drive

Go to the Alpine website and download an ISO file that suits you (the standard one)
flash the ISO on a USB drive with Balena etcher (or anything you prefer).


You checked BIOS settings so I assume you know how to boot to a USB drive but be careful your pc might detect your USB drive twice one with UEFI one without. Choose the one that suits you.
Then login as root (no password required) and run
Let it guide you, you don't need my help.
I personally use chrony and install as [sys]


The thing just did everything for you wow it can't be that hard to use...
Type reboot login and update as usual.apk update
Then you may want to create a regular user adduser -h /home/username -s /bin/ash username
Give that user root permission but we won't be using sudo
apk add doas
echo "permit username as root" >> /etc/doas.d/doas.conf

Now to install stuff such as neofetch or firefox you need to enable the world repo
Install a text editor (I use nano) and edit /etc/apk/repositories and uncomment the community repo.
Update apk update and you're all set.

That's it